• Getting Your Kids to Love Brushing

    While some lucky parents are blessed with kids that love to brush, most moms and dads out there are blessed with kids that don’t. Are there any tips or tricks to get your kids to love brushing? Absolutely! Here are a few of the most effective tactics:

    Find a Brushing Song

    Kids love music. Use this to your advantage. Pick a 2-minute song that you know your kids love and turn it into a teeth brushing song. Let them dance around a bit and have some fun while brushing. The song can help keep the energy up, keep the brushes moving, and ensure that the kids brush long enough.

    Brush Together

    Another common childhood trait that you can monopolize on is their love of mimicry. Kids see mom walking around in high heels and then run around the house playing grown-up in her shoes. They see dad mowing the lawn and rush out to help push. If this sounds like your kids, let them see you brushing and have them join you in your “grown up” bathroom. If you can convince them that brushing is “cool and grown-up” they might just beg to do it!

    Fun Equipment

    Another useful tactic is to let your kids pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste. Take them to the store and let them pick from the variety of fun, colorful brushes out there. Any emotional connection to their toothbrush will help kids keep a positive attitude about brushing. If, for example, your little boy loves Spider Man and buys a Spider Man toothbrush, when it’s time to brush you can call it “Spidey time” instead of “brushing time.”

    There are lots more fun ways to help your kids love brushing their teeth. Do you have any other ideas? Share with us below!

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