• Five Foods that keep your Teeth Strong

    We hear plenty about all of the foods that destroy enamel, give you cavities, or just stain your teeth. Maybe we are focusing too much on the negative though. Here are some foods that you SHOULD eat and that will actually improve your dental health.

    Wild Salmon

    With all of the vitamin D in fatty fish, you can be sure that your body will thank you for eating it. Vitamin D is critical for your oral health because it allows your body to better absorb calcium. In the end you will be protecting your gums and teeth from disease while strengthening the rest of your bones as well.

    Citrus Fruit

    Now I know what you are saying, “but aren’t those bad for the enamel?” and the truth is that you still need to be sure to brush afterwards. Citrus fruit provides your body with vitamin C which can help strengthen your blood vessels and connective tissue. All of this can end up reducing inflammation as well as slow progression of gingivitis.


    Researchers have found that people who ate cheddar cheese actually ended up having lower acid levels in their mouths than even those who drank a glass of milk or had yogurt. This means that plaque acids can be neutralized and keep your mouth clean from harmful bacteria as well.

    Crunchy foods

    Apples, carrots, cucumbers may be fun to crunch but they can also protect your teeth as well. All of that crunching can act as a form of brushing as it disturbs plaque and cleanses the mouth. It can also increase saliva production which keeps your mouth clean as well.


    These little berries contain polyphenols which actually prevent plaque from sticking to teeth and thereby lessen the risk of cavities.

    Make sure you are adding some of these vital foods to your diet and see if your dental health doesn’t improve! Also make sure you are meeting with your dentist regularly to make sure your teeth are as healthy as possible. Come visit us at Boca Sana and leave with a better smile!

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