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    Preventive Care

    Preventive Care

    At the heart of Boca Sana Dental’s practice is the concept of prevention. Preventing any disease or infection is vital to a healthy smile and of course, a smile that patients are proud to show off. As dentistry has progressed over the last few decades, Boca Sana has taken these changes in stride and adapted swiftly to them.

    Straightening teeth is no longer a chore, teeth whitening can be done overnight, and missing teeth can be replaced with beautiful restorations. Even years of problems can be fixed in a few short visits with less pain than ever before (now that patients can be sedated). However, without the proper preventive care, your teeth can still be in danger.

    We teach our patients at Boca Sana Dental to understand the importance of preventive care and recognize how beneficial regular check-up and follow-up visits can be. Here are a few of the preventive services we offer:


    As is standard procedure, we provide teeth and gum cleaning to ensure that your smile is always as healthy as it can be.

    Scaling and Root Planning

    If you have begun to develop tartar, we can prevent serious gum disease by removing it. After the procedure, your gums should stop regressing away from the teeth and become perfectly healthy again.

    Maintenance Cleaning for Orthopedic Patients

    Knowing how difficult it can be to keep your mouth clean while in braces, Boca Sana Dental offers free maintenance cleanings for our orthopedic patients to avoid the dreaded discoloration and spotting after the braces are removed.

    Oral Cancer Screenings

    We perform these screenings before any symptoms are actually visible, which means that it can be caught at a very early stage and can be treated more easily.

    Come into our office today to see how we can help your smile!

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