• Top 4 Villains of Teeth!

    Your teeth aren’t just inanimate objects; they are alive and have their own little living space right in your mouth! When intruders come knocking at the door they know it, but it is your job to make sure you are protecting them. Here are the top 4 villains of teeth!


    Of course we start with the one that we all love. Candies, chocolates, and every sort of soft drink you can imagine can cause some serious tooth decay. The reason being is that these high levels of sugar are hard to wash away with your own saliva and often stick to the teeth in menacing ways. Make sure you brush soon afterward.


    Even those crackers, breads, and pastas that you thought were safe can actually be just as harmful as sugars. Most of these starches are made from white flower which is a simple carbohydrate that can stay in your mouth until it eventually becomes sugar that wears away the enamel.

    Fruit Juice

    Yes it can be healthy, but you need to make sure you aren’t taking too much in as it could damage your teeth. Many people choose to use a straw so there is less direct contact on the teeth.

    Acidic foods

    Lemons, limes, sour candies, and even tomatoes can cause some erode the enamel of your teeth over time, so it is important to make sure that you don’t leave them on the teeth for too long.

    Make sure you watch out for these 4 villains and keep your teeth safe from harm! Give Boca Sana a call today and set up your regular appointment.

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